Journal and Tracker Bundle

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Within The Happiness Hunter, we believe in the power of intentional habits, routines and rituals to create remarkable transformation in our lives.
The practices of journalling and tracking our daily activity are cornerstones of our philosophy.
The Happiness Hunter’s Journal and My Daily Tracker are beautiful resources to help guide and support you as you create the space for your amazing life.

The bundle includes:

  • The Happiness Hunter Journal
  • My Daily Tracker
  • postage in Australia

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This beautiful journal is an inspiring space for you to share your innermost thoughts with yourself

Journalling is the practice of downloading your thoughts and feelings around a particular event, person or situation, with a desire to understand and make sense of the chaos and the jumble.

A journal is different from a diary. A diary is a recording of events as they happen, whereas a journal is used to explore thoughts, feelings and ideas.


With 52 weeks to help you track your progress against your core daily practices, the Daily Tracker will help keep you motivated and inspired to do the things you need to do on a daily basis to keep you balanced and feeling good about yourself and your life.

Tracking is not a once and done process; if you look at any successful individual, you will find that planned days and tracking are built into how they live.

Tracking is not just about improving. It is also an early warning system to help you course-correct before things go too far off track.

With a double page spread for a week, and an end of week reflection you will give yourself accountability, and learn more about yourself as the year progresses.



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